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ACI Materials Journal

American Concrete Institute: Internet

American Journal of Epidemiology

American Journal of Physiology Consolidated

American Journal of Psychiatry

Annals of Internal Medicine

Archives of Disease in Childhood

The Astronomical Journal

The Astrophysical Journal

The Astrophysical Journal Letters

The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series

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British Dental Journal

British Journal of Sociology of Education

British Journal of Special Education

British Journal of Surgery

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Campaign Brief

Caries Research

Clinical Advances in Periodontics

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Comparative Politics

Consumption Markets and Culture

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Early Education and Development


Econometrica, Theoretical Economics

Education & Practice

ELT Journal - English Language Teaching

Epidemiologic Reviews


Experimental Mathematics

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Fetal & Neonatal

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Gender and Education


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The Hispanic American Historical Review - HAHR

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International Journal of Advertising

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis

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Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Journal of Architectural Education

Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Journal of Dentistry for Children

Journal of Geography in Higher Education

Journal of Gerontological Nursing

Journal of Global History

Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Journal of Latin American Studies

Journal of Oral Implantology

Journal of Periodontology

Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs

The Journal of Social Psychology

Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology

Journal of the Transportation Research Board

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New England Journal of Medicine

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Oncology Nursing Forum

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Psychiatric Services

Psychoanalytic Dialogues

Psychoanalytic Inquiry

Psychotherapy Research

Public Opinion Quarterly

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Quantitative Economics

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Radical History Review: Internet

Reading Research Quarterly

Review of Research in Education

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Scientific American

SIAM Journal on Optimization

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Teaching and Learning in Medicine

Technology Architecture + Design

Tesol Journal

Tesol Quarterly


Transportation Research Record

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World Politics

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